Haflinger Women's Slipper Classic Size-36,Black

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Haflinger Women's Slipper Classic Size-36,Black
100% Boiled Wool, Removable Footbed, Slip Resistant Rubber Outsole


Upper material: 100% boiled wool serves as the main material for this pair of slippers, bringing all of its natural qualities thanks to the gentle production of the HAFLINGER® brand. Breathability, insulation and comfort are a given with boiled wool, it naturally wicks away excess heat and moisture, creating a comfortable and dry climate inside of the slipper. Sole & footbed: In addition to that, the shock-absorbing and supportive anatomically formed footbed leaves your feet relaxed all the time, even after long hours of wearing slippers. Thanks to the added removability, switching out footbeds poses no threat, should you require orthopedic footbeds. Product: The Everest Classic in black certainly stays true to its name in the HAFLINGER® black Slippers line. Asblack as it gets, these slippers are very flashy and eye-catching. Wearing these slippers expresses confidence and satisfaction.

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